“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one.” - Genesis 2:24

We believe marriage is designed by God to be a parable of His awesome love for His people. That’s why we take marriage and preparation for marriage so seriously. We understand from scripture that marriage is a covenant between a woman and a man who, before God, make a lifelong commitment to each other. We want you to experience the profound joy that comes from a God-centered marriage and we seek to do everything we can to help your marriage succeed and for the preparation to be as smooth as possible.
If you are considering or planning to get married, we encourage you to participate in our Pre-Marriage Counseling.

To find out more about planning a wedding at One Accord or inviting one of our pastors to officiate at your wedding, stop by the Anchor Desk after one of our services.

One Accord is a place where you encounter and connect with God through celebratory praise and worship, transformative teaching of the Word of God and life-giving fellowship with others believers. We emphasized building relationships through integrity, character, and accountability. Our vision is to see the city of Memphis rise to prominence as we become "the change we want to see".

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