Mr. Provider (The Stage Play)

That's Not My Fight - $15

That's Not My Fight T-shirts


Something She Can Feel - $10

A Text MESSage DVD - $10

A group of teens give a stunning performance of what goes on in the complicated world of the new age teen social life. A simple text message starts some trouble that these teenagers didn’t expect. Go through the journey that helped them save their friend from the trap of text messages and social media... It is a funny, feel good and enlightening journey created by A TEXT MESS!

Use Me Until You Use Me Up DVD - $10

“Use Me - Until You Use Me Up” is the amazing stage play that depicts the lives of two men. One man wrestles with the effects of being used up by the religious community while the other has discovered that after years of living the life of an entertainer now finds himself at a point where he feels the entertainment world has used him enough. You will journey into the life of a dedicated young man that battles with his future while enlightenment has come upon another man trying to escape his past. Their paths cross at a perfect time that allows them both to learn what it means to be used by God for the good of others.

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