Pastoral Care

We are here to provide care and support during the various seasons of life through:

Biblical Guidance
The pastoral care staff provides counseling and help through Biblical guidance.

Premarital Counseling
Our Pastoral team provides premarital sessions designed to enhance, strengthen, and prepare a couple for marriage.

Upon completion of our premarital sessions, a pastor can be available to officiate the wedding ceremony.

Hospital Visitation
Our team members are trained to provide prayer and support during times of hospitalization.

Bereavement, Hospice, Long Term care
Our pastoral care team assists through support, visits and caring during crisis situations
Emergency After hours help: Call 901-515-6565

If you or members of your family are in need of ministry from any of our Care Ministries areas, please contact us at or 901-515-6565


One Accord is a place where you encounter and connect with God through celebratory praise and worship, transformative teaching of the Word of God and life-giving fellowship with others believers. We emphasized building relationships through integrity, character, and accountability. Our vision is to see the city of Memphis rise to prominence as we become "the change we want to see".

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