Pastor Terrell Monger

Terrell Monger is the founder and Senior Pastor of One Accord Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee. He is an amazing Bible teacher, author and visionary who is passionate about helping people live the abundant life with integrity, character and accountability. He humbly lives the principles he teaches from the Word of God. His energetic and passionate enthusiasm to see lives transformed by a committed relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is highly contagious.

Pastor Terrell was once caught up in the negativity of his environment. But remembering the mindset that produced such negative results, he now has his heart set on using the Word of God, kingdom strategies, along with the power of God, to raise up a standard of righteous living against the enemy of our souls.
He is motivated to bring people together to produce positive results that will effect lasting change in every arena of life. Pastor Terrell believes that the one who has the influence has the real power. He is focused on using the gospel of Jesus Christ to equip believers to be social change agents through the greatest weapon on earth-love. His messages will inspire and strengthen you to know God in a greater way and challenge you to dream big dreams again.

One Accord is a place where you encounter and connect with God through celebratory praise and worship, transformative teaching of the Word of God and life-giving fellowship with others believers. We emphasized building relationships through integrity, character, and accountability. Our vision is to see the city of Memphis rise to prominence as we become "the change we want to see".

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