One Accord Ministries is committed to active, varied ministries that assist our church in fulfilling our mission. We call them Anchor Teams because we believe strongly that serving others helps “anchor” us in our faith community:

All One Accord serve teams are dedicated to five pillars of faith that are used to keep us on task as a church body. These five pillars are based on two foundational Scriptures, the Great Commandment and the Great Commission:

Worship - "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind...”
Service - "love your neighbour as yourself.”
Outreach - "Go and make disciples of all nations...”
Community - "baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..."
Discipleship - "teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."
While some ministries strategically emphasize one of these pillars more than another, all ministries are dedicated to all five foundational elements established by Christ.


"BROTHER'S KEEPER" is a dynamic ministry for men who want to know their purpose in life and with God. REAL life lessons & examples are discussed. Knowledge and wisdom are passed at the gates, and burdens are lifted. Join us!


We want women to be healed, whole and ready to walk in their God given purpose. This ministry will support the women of the church and community by providing opportunities for spiritual growth, personal development, relationship building and fellowship. This ministry will also serve as a gateway to resources for women in various life situations.


The Children's Church serves the ages 5-11 years old. The mission of children's church is to create a healthy, spiritual atmosphere that allows each child to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with each other. The mission is also to train each child in the knowledge of the Word, help them discover their own uniqueness, and equip them and their parents to live faithfully in an ever-changing world.


The Youth Ministry serves the ages 12-18 years old. The mission of the youth ministry is to create an environment in which children and youths are exposed to the gospel and brought into the presence of Jesus Christ. The Youth Ministry consists of several different departments, structured to put youth in position to serve, have fun, and engage in activities that are centered around the bible. Some of these ministries are: Drama, Dance, Media, Sports, Culinary..etc

Sports and Recreation

The heart and soul of the One Accord Sports ministry is to provide a safe, empowering, and encouraging outlet for children and youth to develop their character and integrity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry exists to promote Christ to a generation of youth who will redefine winning by placing Christ and His standards at the forefront of their actions during the game and in life overall. One Accord Sports Ministries is designed to use sports as a platform for youth, instilling in them values that can stay with them beyond the court or field of play. These values will apply to body, soul, and mind.

One Accord is a place where you encounter and connect with God through celebratory praise and worship, transformative teaching of the Word of God and life-giving fellowship with others believers. We emphasized building relationships through integrity, character, and accountability. Our vision is to see the city of Memphis rise to prominence as we become "the change we want to see".

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